-2D- Blender Animation

Hey ya’ll, this is a skit we did a couple of months ago as an intro to a teen’s TV show called “street status” wich is a local TV gig. Check us out at www.streetstatus.cjb.net

Quicktime Movie:
runtime 02:07
Wuts Really Ghetto? Hi-Fi
Wuts Really Ghetto? Lo-Fi


All the 2D animation was created and animated in blender. The brain in the begining was also done in blender. This is all really harsh because I was rushed for time but we plan on improving our workflow to get more “Cartoonie” results.

Animation took about three weeks in my spare time between work and school. and the live action was one night of shooting. then we did the voice recording that same night.

Any and all feedback is apreciated.

haha thats cool

tight…check’d out that site…mad music up on that…what city is this tv show from?


Haha, cool video :smiley: and funny examples of what’s ghetto - I think I need to find a ‘Super Cuts Drive-Thru’ :D.

I like it - keep it up!

Thanks ya’ll for the feedback,… The show is from the small overlooked town of San Pedro California,…

I’m in production of a 100% cartoon skit for the next episode, Blender’s audio scrubbing feature is gonna help a lot for time!
I love this thing!


Nice bit of animation.

It’s really good that blender is getting used for tv programs.

/me admits to watering down Tomato Ketchup!


Nice work on the video, very funny. Can’t wait to see more of your work. 8)