2d Cartoon RimLighting in Blender

So I have been using a trick to get 2d characters to work in a 3d world.

By using the alpha channel of the 2d animation and offsetting it you can get a nice rim lighting for free!

Normally I do this in after effects when comping the characters in.

But for this next project I would like to import the 2d animation as a plane and have the rim lighting
work as an eevee shader.

And I need some more reliable way to warp the UV “away” from the illumination to get the nice sharp rim.

Right now I am just useing a shader to rgb node to subtract some of the uv color, but it doesn’t work very well.

After effects also has radial bluring that I would like to find some way to emulate. for self shadowing

Why don’t you use Grease pencil property tab: Effects: Rim light?

I didn’t know grease Pencil had a rim lighting that’s pretty neat!

However the character animation is being done in Harmony not blender and I need to be able to work with it as an image sequence.

I have done a little more testing and I am getting some okay results.