2D character redesign

Hello. I am working on a video game, called “Project Light and Dark”, and I need some help. I need a character redesigned. His name is Disharmony. His current design is this:

A bit about him: Disharmony is a rough-toothed dolphin. He is not sane, and can be quite unpredictable. They are a rough-toothed dolphin. His backstory is partly based on the movie “Cast Away”. Disharmony has had a mental collapse. Because of an incident, they were deemed too dangerous for their pod and were kicked out. Since then, they’re been trying to reunite with them. That sponge that you see in his mouth (a tool that they use to protect their snout when digging for fish) is his “Wilson”. He always has his Wilson.

Here follows the job details:
I need 3 views: top, side and bottom. The character is going to be 3d modeled.

Disharmony is chaotic, through and through, until the very end of the game. As such, he has a few scars. If you put a scar in, please be sure to do a larger detail view of it.

I would like to have the end product in about a week and a half.

A bit about the project:
“Light and Dark” is a video game. In it, you play as an orca (usually referred to as a “killer whale”). His name is Daram. In it, Daram gets separated from his pod. Going on an adventure, he searches for his pod, coming across clues about what happened and where they are.

The game takes inspirations from the game Soma in writing, concept and atmosphere. The particular quote that inspired this story comes from the character Simon Jarett. "I never realized how much the idea of my “Self’ depended on where I am… I miss Toronto; not just because my friends and family are there, I mean… In Toronto, I know where I fit in… In Toronto, I know who I am;” “Light and Dark” looks at the concept of identity and the importance of family.

That is about all that I have, for right now. If you are interested in helping, send me a PM. I will reply as soon as I can. Just keep in mind, my timezone is CST. If you have any questions, please ask.