2D DXF from LineArt Grease Pencil with Blender 2.93

Hi here my first successful attempt on use the new modifier added for Grease Pencil LineArt aka LANPR. this is something waited for long time, now from Blender 3D model I can have possibility to make draft for simple design, is something to be improved in the workflow, and maybe in the future with others improvements coming, make this task more handily. But now is simpler than FreeStyle, because the scale is right and the use of many GP objects give a lot of possibilities.

Blender first try

QCAD editing

Print test


So, it’s drawn on Blender (2D or 3D ? ) and exported to DXF for dimensioning?

This are 3D models and draft is generated in past with FreeStyle and now with the upcoming modifier for Grease Pencil LineArt aka LANPR, and yes they are exported as DXF after some workaround to get planar lines from generated edge and edited with CAD tools for detailing with it, here some info about my work flow in this old post of months ago 2D layout with Blender