2d faces for lo-poly

how do you make 3D low-poly characters faces move? 2d like lego, ape escape, mii?:frowning:

Huh? Do you mean a rig? To animate it. Could you explain precisely what you mean?

like ronin the kitten the first time I was making a face was 3 D parts

the second ronin I did for charismas is none rigging face.

I was trying to make a movie out of N64 style characters.

swapping texture face poses like smiling, frowning, open-mouth, and teeth.

is there an easier way to rig the face?

look I found it on video, but I don’t think its that good.

its was this one!

i was trying to make a 2D face for this >> http://finlopow.deviantart.com/art/W-I-P-iyoka-505305312 <<

Does this help?

wow… uh… lets see if it works? i was making transparent eyes… it just leads a black square…