2D Filters: What exactly can we sample?

Being as absolutely and totally incompetent as I am, I have no idea what we can actually sample using the 2D GLSL filter scripts… Are there any other "sampler2D bgl_sumfinOrOtherTexture"s we can reference, other than Depth, Luminance, and Rendered? Also, what about different layers? Using one to affect another, i.e. as a stencil? Thanks.

I’m not 100% sure (hopefully someone will correct me if I’m wrong), but in 2D filters, I believe you can only sample the depth, luminance, and rendered textures. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘layers’, but you can perform multiple passes of different filters to add the effects onto each other. You can only use the sampled textures to affect the outputted screen render (which can be altered by additional passes).

These are the defaults, if you can code, however, you can sample just about anything, or use the given 3 samples in combination to achieve filters, I believe the candy branch will at some point add new filters, tho I could be wrong

Ah. By “layers” I meant the different scene layers… Like how with compositing for rendering, you can assign different RenderLayers to different layers from the scene, and use them separately with compositing nodes. So, would that be possible with realtime 2D filters?
Also, thanks!

2D filters work per scene, and I don’t believe they can reference other scenes. Though I do believe that a filter will affect everything already drawn (including background scenes).

As far as the current textures passed to the 2D filter system, SolarLune had them correct:

  • bgl_RenderedTexture
  • bgl_DepthTexture
  • bgl_LuminanceTexture

Ah. Ok. thank you!