2D in blender test

Long time no see. :RocknRoll:
I haven’t posted anything wise here for ages, and now I came up with this 2D shooter.
It’s actually a test only at how to make 2D in blender.

Arrows - move crosshair
Space - shoot

Your mission is to shoot all kinds of aliens(ufos in this test only) and survive as long as you can. :yes:

Known bugs :ba:

-It usually crashes after the third wave for some reason

To-do if I decide to continue this test
-More enemies
-More weapons
-Character moving in the land
-Some powerups maybe
-A scoring system

Download here
The .Blend is included. Also the libraries needed are included(I am allowed to distrib them with my exes, right?)

PLEASE tell me what you think. And remember, this is just a test. :smiley:

Its a good start, but i could only shoot the first enemy, got a bit frustrating in the end. :spin:
Do you think there would be any chance of you implementing a mouse controlled crosshair? :confused:

why always shooting at UFOs …??? maybe they are here for help ???
(hum … ok … I see the door )

Yes, there is a little chance. I’m not too good at blenderpython tho…

Well, If that disturbs you, I can put some more creatures around. (non-ufos)

Hyper-interesting shooter, zaebis!