2d platform attempt: working enviornment included

Hi all!

I have been wanting to use the BGE to make a 2d sidescroller for a long time now :slight_smile:

I took a bit of time this morning, and put together a neat underwater scene.

the controls are:
Arrows key left and right… move left and right

space… boost up

I have been playing with the physics all morning and have not broken it yet , I think I am ready to make a full blown game :slight_smile:

I make the neat fogging effect with just a couple of alpha masked planes, you guys are welcome to use the images if you want for your own projects.

just under 1 meg :slight_smile:

sorry, here it is here


It looks nice in the screenshot, but I don’t have OpenGL support, so Blender Materials don’t work for me. I played the game none the less, and it worked wonderfully (aside from not looking right). The movement and the physics seem to be doing fine. I hope you do go ahead and make a full game. And I hope I buy a graphics card with OpenGL support sometime soon…

Cool thanks Blendenzo !,

I am very excited about this, after work tomorrow I am going to get started on the game characters.

I updated the above File, added a bit more “eyecandy”… just some swaying seaweed in the background, and I made the player more like a comet with some neat lighting effects :slight_smile:

the player leaves a trail now like some kind of worm or snake :slight_smile:

here is a snappshot,

I really am happy with the update.

I also found that if you hold both right ald left arrows at the same time the player swims up 8)

I like the Scene looks very nice indeed. =)
But I dont reall like the last snapshot you posted of your project…
I never did like Materials on =(
I like better how it looks in the first snapshot with Materials off.

But it really matters on what you think :wink:
Keep up the good work hope to see more of it
:slight_smile: I myself am working on another small project :rolleyes:


p00f : I am doing almost the same thing.
With some diferences of curse.
For example. To jump I have an empty object named Foot with python I place the Object to the location of the player. Doing this I can use ray sensor to check if the player touch the ground. So if I try to jump the player will never start to fly. Ofcurse all this is nessasery as we cannot use the ray sensor with global coordinates.I know that it is suposed to be an underwater scene but with your setup you will not be able to do an out water scene.
I also check the velocity of the player to see if I pass the maximum velocity that I want to have. If I had passed it then I don’t add force to the same direction.
And some more things.
I don’t wand to play it smart guy over here. I just thought to share expirience as we are doing almost the same thing.

Really fun!! i like the look of the level and the pyhisics are cool!!

more more more!! :smiley:

nice work poof!