2D Ragdoll game :)


I wanna show you my last project :slight_smile:


Feel free to comment about this game - what I should do - what I shouldn’t do :yes:

In next update:
-More traps

I don’t know should I put the background or leave it as is…:spin:

Blood doesn’t seem like it would add much, especially at this level of graphics. I’d rather see more puzzles based on getting this guy to a goal. Adding a restart button would be a good idea, since you could easily restart the game if you get the guy stuck. The background could be anything - model a cave or a test chamber - anything to house the puzzles. But it’s looking pretty sweet so far. Nice job!

Thanks!!!And you’r right

Blood doesn’t seem like it would add much

Second Update of my game project…:slight_smile:

In Next Update:
-As always more traps :slight_smile:
-More puzzles