2D RPG Characters needed


(Pavel) #1

Hello everyone,

I am making this straight foreward :smiley:
We are currently three guys (and 2D artist from Poland, a musician from Germany and me, a programmer, from Austria) and we are working - for quite some time now - on a (old school Zelda like) 2D RPG.

Some of his concept arts

Some of the other guys music

Our latest update:

It’s not perfect, but it’s something. Just to show you that we are not starting from zero.

What is missing is someone who can work on character animations. Target resolution is 96x96px, 8 frames in 8 directions. So no need to go super detailed.
The thing is, it doesn’t stop here. There are 4 weapon types which also needed to have attack animations. Some NPCs, some enemies… yeah… endless story.

This may discourage you, yes, BUT you would have the chance to be part of a bigger project. You can make first steps in game development and you can develop your ideas freely (well… almost… we are not going for anime girls :wink: )
It would be dubious to talk about earnings on release. This is too far away at this point.

Finally there is on more thing: we all are adults with a job, family, hobbies and what not. That means that we are not spending 20h a week on this. We are slow but we enjoy our project.
Therefore we do not expect you to crunch out models in 2 weeks. We also don’t expect you to be a professional.
After all, it is a hobby project where everyone can participate. It’s done when it’s done. And in the worst case we all learned a lot a have one more project in our portfolio.

In case you want to take a depper look or even join in, you can reach me via this post or mail at [email protected]

kind regards

Why this blender board? I have like… basic blender knowledge. Very basic. Made some blenderguru tutorials with the goal to feed a 3D printer. With a free to use animated body I figured out that it’s quite easy to create a spritesheet out of a blender animation.