2D sprite game template: no python

Just thought I’d share this 2D proof of concept/template I spent half the day working out. I wanted to make a good basis for a sprite based 2D platforming style game without any python scripting (every other game like this that I could find used some sort of python scripting for the control scheme).
For the graphics I used keyboard control triggered mesh replacement and then the inverse of that keyboard command to return it to a default state. I used material touch sensors to determine when many of the commands would or wouldn’t work.
In order to move left or right in the air, hold the jump key (space) along with the corresponding arrow key, this ability is deactivated for a second when you hit the gray part of one of the platforms (otherwise you can hang on the side of one of them while you hold jump and the arrow key).

Any improvements or suggestions for this template would be appreciated, but I have no specific requests (general control improvements, added abilities, etc are all good). I prefer that no scripting be used, mostly because I don’t really know much about it.

I hope this can help people out!


2D_Game_Test.blend (296 KB)

Cool, but he can’t jump high enough to get to the platform.

coool! thanks for sharing!

My workaround: Keep Space Bar pressed for higher jumps.

I’m curious as to what version of blender you used to make it.

hey that works great! someone told me you can’t use sprites with out python… guess they were wrong

After I did a little bit of research, I was afraid that one couldn’t use sprite based characters without python, but I managed to figure it out. Maybe it isn’t as efficient as python, but it works. This was all done in version 2.49.