2D stabilization - Location Influence not 100% ?

I need to iron out slight variations of camera position in a sequence of time-lapse images (the camera movement is caused by daily expansion and contraction of the timber building that the DSLR camera is bolted onto). I’ve successfully tracked a pattern in the images, and the tracking marker is solidly locked on to the pattern for the whole sequence. The movement ranges between +5 and -5 pixels in both X and Y; image size is 3k x 2k.

When I run the input images into a 2d stabilizer node (location only, Location Influence set to 1.0, interpolation bicubic) , it seems that the stabilizing algorithm is introducing some movement of its own - perhaps an attempt to smooth out the camera movement? In any event, if I render and play the output image sequence and zoom in on the tracked pattern, it is much less stable than the marker is on the original images. I had assumed that a Location Influence of 1.0 would offset the image by exactly the number (or fraction) of pixels given by the marker displacement, but apparently not.

Is there a way I can use the compositor to apply the exact offset (i.e the inverse of the tracking marker’s movement) to each frame?

How many trackers are you using to stabilise? It will weight between multiples, which may appear as a poor track as it doesn’t distort the image.

Otherwise I’m not sure. Perhaps you could post a node screeny.

Hi David,

In this case I was using one marker only - I simply wanted to get an XY offset for each frame. Now I’m using 2 markers, one for location and the other for rotation. Anyway, since then I have found a workaround - it’s a bit long-winded, but at least it’s under my complete control! I track the points in Blender and use a Python script to output the marker coordinates to .csv files. Then I read the .csv files into Excel and use Excel’s maths functions to calculate rotation and offset. Then I use the data from the Excel files to drive Photoshop via a VBS script to manipulate the images. It seems to work fine.

Cheers, Mike.

Check this out, high frequency pass for stabilisation. http://www.sonneo.blogspot.de/ from Sunboy (on the forum) who creates addons.