2D style infographic

This is my first completed Blender animation project. After many attempts at doing the full 3D thing over the years and not managing to finish anything (I’m a dabbler, not a pro), I decided to try a simpler style. It wouldn’t have been possible without the huge network of support here on Blenderartists and Youtube.

The whole project is pretty much open-source, with the animation being done in Blender, and the music mixed in Reaper (and some samples taken from freesound.org).

Comments welcome. Shares even more welcome. :slight_smile:

Many thanks.

Wow looks like it could have been done in after effects, very professional!

Thanks! I originally wanted to work in AE, but once Adobe came out with that subscription-based software concept I gave up on them and switched to open source.

Very beautiful work of art :slight_smile:

Nice work! Clean visuals and I especially enjoyed the content. Unfortunately I can’t really comment on the sound design since the computer I’m using right now has crap speakers, but it’s always satisfying to see others working on projects with an important message – namely that scarcity of things like food and water is a construct fabricated and perpetuated by capitalistic society in order to keep the profits rolling in. Nestle and Monsanto are perfect examples…

It’s good. It flows and works well.

Reminds me a little of the intro to Masagin. (But that video is like diving into an animated psychotropic Zentangle rather than an infographic. However it might serve as an inspiration if you do another one of these.)

Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad the message was something that meant something to you, @Nein01.

And I checked out that Masagin clip. Pretty crazy! Very cool.

Cool, I think some motion blur and variety of font would have been nice too.