2D to 3D, Gimp+Blender (Lg GIF)

I have seen this effect elsewhere. It is similar to the camera mapping technique Blender Tutorial on the Peerless Productions website.

I started with this image from the creative commons area of flickr.

Then I went through and rendered out the various subjects as individual same sized layers with the subject against an alpha background and saved these layers out as separate .png files. For some reason, in order to get the alpha to work properly, I had to then reopen the .pngs, create a transparent layer above and merge it down.

For the background image, I made a brush out of the area to the left of the goal and used it to brush out the goal and the background. I cloned out everything else in the foreground with grass. I added some bump mapped plasma, layer blended with the background and also the graffiti text, displacement mapped onto the background.

I then created five mesh planes in Blender and used each layer as a texture on each plane, then animated a camera move.

Below is the result.


great effect :slight_smile:

I think the community might benefit from a more in depth tutorial

nice work ClayOrge

cool, how long did it take you to cut out / make those flat people planes ?
cause if it was under 10 minutes, I definitely will give this a shot :slight_smile: !

Wonderful effect!

Took longer than 10 minutes, can’t remember, really…maybe a couple of hours, and most of that was the cutting out of things.

They use this effect everywhere on the History Channel,
(American cable television)
making old 2d lithographs, paintings, photos etc. into 3d.
I like how you put the ball on a different plane.

Yeah, I’ve seen that and wondered how it was done. Then I saw a tutorial on a video site on how to do it with some sort of special vid effects package. I got to thinking about it and thought, “I bet you can do that with Gimp and Blender.” It’s a bit of work, but I think the results are perfectly acceptable.