2d work with Blender .. need some help .

Im basically mapping some Arms . head and body parts to a couple planes and animating them by keyframe , I should probally be doing it in flash but I have a hunch I can pull it off in blender so Im gonna try .
Now , Im using 1 image mapped to a plane for the arm and its bent …
So its kinda hard to see where the shoulder is ,

Is there a way I can see the textures in the 3d window so these placements are easier and more accurate ?

If you UVmap your texture to the object. You can ‘improve’ texture mapped images by subdividing the object, the more subdivision the better it will show but it’ll never be as good as UVmapping.
If you modeled your plane like a fat stickman and UVMapped it then it would be easy to animate.


YOU can pull it off, and it works quite well. The suggestion to use UV textures is a good one. It’s what I did for my 2D-in-Blender piece. Worked out rather nicely.