2nd Concept Car

I decided to finish up this concept model just so I would be done with it. The surface quality isn’t very good imo, but the sketches were cool.

You may download the blend if you like.


Good work.

Really nice work. I find it interesting that a concept car has an old-school carburetor.

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@user5555155 Thanks!
@Safetyman I honestly didn’t give it much thought, just trying to make it look cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love it! But can you render some daylight-like lighting? Cz for concept cars, we need to see all the curves to really appreciate the beauty. Right now we cannot see the model properly due to dark colors.

This is absolutely insane! Most definitely deserves a feature. Good work :wink:


@usernew Thanks dude! and will do.
@QuirkyTurtle Huge thanks, what a compliment!

That’s great! I like the concept, and the last render is so beautiful!

I’m surprised you like the last one that much! (it’s not so great imo) Thanks for the feedback!

The last shot reminds me of Need For Speed games. :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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so nice, congrats

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THANKS!! and God bless man!

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