2nd Model

Hey guys. Here’s my 2nd model.

Full size: http://i.imgur.com/lA7Xj.png

I’m going to be adding short particle hair to him soon, giving him a body, etc. Eventually I will texture, rig, and animate but that isn’t for a while.

How’s he looking so far? I tried to keep him fairly realistic.

Good for a start,
but there are some problems with your silouhette. Check out the silouhette of other characters you might see here. Furthermore your eyes seem to be too small, your ears need some more rotation and your eyes are too far up. Oh, and from the specs I think your central line (the line you mirror along) is sticking out some. Normally it’s almost parallel to the ones beside it. You might be able to fix it by using the smooth brush or selecting certain vertices and using the ‘smooth vertex’ tool which you can find in the tool shelf §.
If you send me your mail per PM I could send you some professional ref pics if you’d like.


Thanks for the advice! It’s funny when you stare at something for so long it gets easy to overlook small things.

aye, but you can easily hide most of them with your texture… I’m gonna bump up one of my threads in 3 min and just look at the length of the upper arm of my first character… it’s waaaay off. Yet nobody notices because I took quite some time texturing that guy and all the attention goes there :smiley:

However, that’s not supposed to mean you should slack of xD keep it up!