2nd Monitor

I must have blender on my main monitor, or else if I move it to my secondary the views within the window are just a static image, and I cannot do anything, to fix this I move it back to my main monitor and it works fine, but if half of blender is on one monitor, and half is on the other, only the half on the one side will be able to edit.

For example, of I change the camera angle with half on one side and half on the other, I can only see the change one side, the other side looks as if nothing happened, as I said I can just move blender back over and see it, but I need Blender on my second monitor for some tasks.

Well the usual useful bits of info are things like:
What blender version are you using ?
What operating system are you using ?
What graphics card are you using ?
Are the two screens the same resolution ?

Have you tried any of the blender 2.5 builds, this allows you to rip out additional windows that you can drag onto second monitors (hold shift when creating a new window)

1: 2.49b
2: Windows XP Home
3: NVidia GeForce FX 5200
4: Yes

But by the sounds of it, 2.5 has more of what I’m looking for.

On my ATI I’ve had Blender across my two monitors. But since it doesn’t save as a 2 monitor setup, I gave up. :slight_smile:

I just tested & I can have a single window across two monitors & both updated as expected.

Could be XP home or your GPU. Drivers on that model might not support what you want.
I’m using
XP Pro
ATI 3850
Monitor 1 @ 1440x900, 2 @ 1280x1024.