3.0 - Loading a Custom Preview in Asset Browser causes crash

I have tried loading small PNG or JPG files as “custom preview” images into the Asset Browser and the entire Blender program crashes every time as soon as I click the “Load Custom Preview” button.

The default grayscale images are there, but not very useable since the angle of view is poor and there is no color.

Thanks for any clues.

What angle is being displayed? Mine are top-down, from slightly behind. I cannot find a way to change, nor can I find what function is controlling this auto preview. It is infuriating. I wish this was much simpler. but the material set up is there, so at least it isn’t grey

Exact same issue here. I tried adding a custom preview image of 64kb to a model in the User Library while I was working on the file where it’s saved. Program crashes right after I click Load Custom Preview from the file browser. Tried changing the JPG to a slightly smaller 60kb and still the same thing happens.

I started a whole new file, then I appended the objects from the old file one at a time, marked each one as an asset, rendered each one low res for the preview, loaded the preview in the Asset Browser, saved the file, and then moved on to append the next one.

That worked, but I’m not sure why. Perhaps having several assets in the file before you start loading custom previews causes a problem. For now, my policy will be to take all steps on a new asset before moving on to the next one.

I think the issue was mentioned in known bugs a few days ago and someone had already submitted a fix for it. So it should be coming in some future update I assume.