30 Day Challenge

Hello everyone! I hope this section is good for these kind of posts.
So, as I recently became father and free time is practically non-existent it’s hard to find time and strength to sit at PC and make some 3D stuff, but it’s a part of me that I really don’t want to lose, so that’s why I’ve given myself this challenge to find at least an hour per day to make something 3D each day. As it is quite hard as it is, I haven’t made much restrictions for myself here, but I will mostly focus on modelling during this thing.
So, for day 1 of 30 (I started the challenge yesterday), I made a pacifier. Made on Blender 2.93.5. Everything including the renders took me about 2 hours. For the first time ever I used BlenderKit - for materials which, of course, I still had to adjust for my needs. Cycles render, 128 samples. Far from perfect both modelling and presentation wise, but it’s something :smiley: !

Model for day 2 should come up in few hours as the second day is coming to an end soon. I’ll keep posting them here in the same topic.


Congratulations for becoming a parent and i wish you all lot of happiness being a family and patenting.
Same was with me. I found hardly time to do anything related to 3D at those first months.

Nice work and geeat idea.

Keep doing it everyday.

My daughter is now five and she has her collection of pacifiers, giving a name to each one :smile:
All the best!



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Thank you very much for the wishes!
Indeed I’m hoping on that I’ll get to have a bit more time when my daughter grows up a little bit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: