30 Days of Sculpting

Hi everyone! Been using blender for a few years now, but almost always hard surface work, and recently got a lot more free time on my hands so thought I would try sculpting. Tried the Zbrush demo a few times in the past, but always struggled but thought I’d give it another whack.

My plan is to post 1 sculpt per day, finished or not, to try and help motivate me to persevere! Hopefully after a month there is some small sign of improvement that will keep me going!

Day 15 -


Day 1

Following along to a Yansculpts tut for day #1 - it’s taught me the interface and overall approach to sculpting, but I think something simpler (and less stylised) is on the cards for tomorrow…along with a lot of anatomy learning I think!

Day 2

So the fun of starting out yesterday was mostly just replaced with frustration today. Caused by never ending bugs (I think?) - brushes not working, masking not working, and finally random disappearing geometry. Was trying to sculpt a nose, but after dyntopo stopped working, and half my mesh disappeared, I gave up. Will re-installed blender tomorrow and try again!

Not sure what was going on yesterday, but a fresh install of blender and everything seems to be working fine! Macbook is definitely struggling to keep up though!
Today was another attempt at a nose. Pretty lumpy, but it turned out better than I expected, although I’m sure anatomically it’s not very good.

And today - the mouth! Definitely struggling with lumpiness again. It seems like it used to be the case people would try and stick to as few polys as possible, only subdividing further when they absolutely had to, whereas a lot of more recent videos people divide a bunch of times and go nuts, rather than gradually working their way up - any reason for this, or tips for a beginner?

Didn’t really have a plan for today, so ended up a doodle of a head/skull. Trying to use a figure drawing book I have to help with anatomy, but feeling a little overwhelmed - think I need to draw up some structure to help with learning.

Day 6
Another head - trying to focus less on details and more on overall shape…although the proportions are definitely a bit alien.

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Keep up. Great job

Thanks @riceart !

Day 7 - First Skull
Pretty happy with how this turned out, although I think the nose cavity is a bit big, and I definitely rushed the teeth.

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Day 8 - An ear
Was kind of dreading this one to be honest, but I think it came out OK. Lumpiness still a problem…and I definitely need to practice rendering!

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Day 9 - Eye
Found this one much tougher than I expected! Definitely needs a lot of practice.

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Day 10
Feels like a giant step back today, really struggled to get anything looking right! Here is my attempt at a head…the eyes and mouth are gone because the were just so terrible I smoothed them out.

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Day 11 - Nose practice:

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Day 12 - Practising the mouth

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Day 13 - Another Eye
Finding them by far the most difficult thing I’ve tried yet. Found lots of really great rules of thumb for face proportions, but struggling to find anything similar for the eye in relation to the skull in terms of size and position. Gonna have to spend a lot of time learning!

If anyone knows on great tutorials on them , I’d much appreciate. I’ve watched a few on youtube but not helped much!

Falling behind a little! But here’s day 14 - another ear:

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Another attempt at a head - although the majority of the time was spent on the eye because I just can’t do them (yet?).

Looking good here! Keep going.