30 Minute Project: Eyeball

I decided to do like a sort of 30 minute thing to see if I could make something awesome in a short amount of time. Also, I would love to get some comments on it. I might do more of these if I have time.
My first project I decided should be an eyeball. I don’t do a lot of organic stuff in blender, so I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s what I got

Here’s my node setup.

Sorry if the resolution is not good. It was all I could do to fit all the nodes in the editor window for a screenclip.
There are many things that are wrong with it. For instance, there’s a white circle in the middle of the pupil caused by bad mapping. There are artifacts on the edge of the iris caused by the resolution of my gradient mix map. The bump map has fresnel artifacts caused by the glossy shader mixed with the rest of the stuff reflecting everything at grazing angles. It just doesn’t look great.
Happily, that’s the purpose of this excercise. The more I do this, I will (hopefully) get better at producing an okay result faster.

Here’s the link to my iris texture.
The sclera texture was one provided by the guy on cgfeedback.com that created the thread titled: Crossing the Uncanny Valley. I don’t know which page on the thread that the texture was provided, but it’s in there, so here’s a lnk to the thread.

Comments and critiques are greatly appreciated. Cheers.

WOW! 30 minutes? Could you make a tutorial??? I know how to use nodes… BUT NOTHING LIKE THIS! With a little blood on that thing, I’d swear you pulled someone’s eye out and snapped a picture! XD Looks Great! :smiley: