3060 12gb vs 3060ti 8gb/ rtx 4060

I’m really struggling to choose between rtx 3060 12gb and rtx 3060ti 8gb. I know 3060ti is faster.
But I remember my 1060 6gb going out of memory while rendering a heavy procedural + subdivided scene.
Should I go for 12gb or faster 8gb is better?
Any suggestions?

What kind of renderings do you do? If you’re doing massive open-world environments, you probably want 12 GB. If you’re doing game-ready characters, 8 GB is more than plenty. Are you using Eevee or Cycles? Is speed important- i.e., do you have deadlines to meet?

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Yes, massive open environments is in my to do list.
With procedural clouds and stuff.
I mostly do animations in eevee.
But expecting to do realistic animations in cycles after upgrading from 1060.

If you want to do massive open environments, you’ll probably want the 12 GB. If you’re doing animations in Eevee, 8 GB will work. If you want to do realistic animations, that’ll probably take a lot of big textures, so you’ll probably want 12 GB. I guess it depends on which way you see yourself moving towards in the future - lighter Eevee animations, or massive open worlds rendered in Cycles?

Was in a similar situation, went with 12GB 3060 from 6GB 1060. I get pretty close to going out of VRAM even with 12GB so 8GB isn’t really an option. Speed wise the 3060 is decent due to Optix, but still gets annoyingly slow on more complex interior scenes.

Unfortunately most of the things I get paid for is 90% zbrush so it’s hard to justify a spending on a graphics card, but if any other project comes up that needs rendering I’d consider swapping out the 3060 to a faster card, with minimum 12GB ram based on current experience. For Eevee 8gb might be fine - Cycles in my use cases is a lot more VRAM intensive.

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I am deciding to wait for rtx 4060.
I am hoping it will have 12gb vram.
Otherwise, I guess, I’ll have to render big scenes in layers and spend more time in compositing.