30days game prodject - a way to find inspiration

hello every one!

Day: 1

an introduction.
I love playing around whit blender and it’s game engine, I have made allot of projects and other stuffs in it and have learned something new every time! the problem for me seem to be that every time I start an project I’ll hardly play around whit it for just some days, then get tiered of it and decides to start an new project whit focus on something completely new. this behavior of mine is rly good when it comes to learning, every time I decides to make an new project I most likely learn some new thing’s on the way. But this behavior have some dark back-sides to, one of them is that I never-ever finish an project, no Mather how god or bad it is going, the inspiration to make it is often as fast gone as it came. this have led to an point when i can’t stand it any more, i need to break this pattern, and I will try to do so whit this new project of mine (yeah I know… one more, but it’s the last one! I promise)

The big goal of this project is to keep me focused on one and the same thing (well at-least for the coming 30-days) and therefor I will release an update of the progress at least every second day here on this thread, I will set an time limit on 30 days in order to get motivation, then it is becoming a small contest for myself against the clock.
I appreciate all feedback that I can get, good and bad, both kinds keeps the motivation up! So plz don’t hesitate to make a comment!
I will In order to make me the most motivated make an small RPG whit some set goals, and some possible features.

my goals whit in 30 days:

  • a rpg whit an small free world
  • at least 5 different enemies whit some kind of AI
  • an inventory system
  • an multi-player mode (split screen or LAN)
  • at least 10 different items
  • a short main story (short bco I only got 30 days ;] )
  • a save/load system

The best way to find inspiration for a game is to play games you love, and think about what you don’t like. I find that ideas come increasingly to me as I think about completely unrelated games, because I fire up some passion. Any ideas, note them down. Then rank your ideas in terms of simplicity. The simplest are (usually) the best.

thx a good advise! :smiley:

figured on a main story, and decided to make the game very toon-like and to use my imagination in the best way’s that I can, I made a main-char whit a rig/some simple animations. he is made in low pol and will be improved allot, but for now he lock’s like this:

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ohh, sry for posting in the wrong selection! will be more carefull where i’m posting in the future;D
anyway thx for moving it for me! :slight_smile:

made some models and texture, rly only working whit the basic’s yet :slight_smile:

Some screenshots of the progress so far, I won’t give any info about the story yet.
i’m so far only working whit the world, but will soon begin to work on all of the logic’s

If the black outlines aren’t a shader, I’d suggest getting rid of those. . .

They are made in a 2D filter, and is supose to be a part of the game, they are making it look alot more “toon-like” and that is one of the goals whit the game.

here comes an more detailed description of the game so far and the story consept,
The game is going to play out on an smal planet, the planet do rotate around it’s own axle as fast as it do rotate around it’s sun, this is spliting the planet into two pices, one where the sun always shine, where an never-ending-summer always is taking place and one whit an cold, dark and unfriendly never-ending-winter is going on.
these two sides is splited up inte two forces fighting for survival angains etchother.
you will in the begining of the game be abel to chose whitch side of the planet you will belong to and there after play that side’s story line. the game will in most of the parts ba a open-world-rpg where you as the player can go out and just explore/do whatever you like.

what is inplented to the game so far:

  • an open world that you acctualey can walk around
  • 5 diferent “special” zones to explore
  • inventory script
  • save/loade script
  • shape edge 2d filter
  • some more minnor stuffs

tonight or tomorrow i will post an video of the curent progress

here is the video showing some pre-alpha game-play, I haven’t yet been implanting any quests/story lines, and there are ALLOT to be done, but this is what the game-play locks like for the moment.
I haven’t yet made any enemies but they will come soon :slight_smile:

plz comment and give feedback :slight_smile:

i like it!
the camera controlls look smooth and sweet :smiley: i also like the terrain, its something i havent seen before , but it is mising something, maybe make it bigger, so it looks less round, and you can see more terrain, and something i dont understand is, why is a medieval-like guy in a futuristic enviroment?
and i see the character kinda weird without legs, but dont worry about this, others may like it :smiley:

Looks smooth! Oh, and 2d filters are fine. I hate it when people just duplicate the mesh, flip the normals and make it black for the outline. Not very nice to the engine.

I agree about the legs though. It would be nice to see them, may be move the camera off to the right?

first of, thx!, i’m glad you like it!
It’s true, it is in fact missing alot, but it ain’t nerly done yet :), and scaling it up is maby an good ide’, thx for the advise :slight_smile:
about the medival guy in the futur like enviroment it will all be explained in the story of the game :), it ain’t something that I made whitout an ide’ , but it will be explained later on :slight_smile:

i’ll do my best to be nice to the engine, useing oculling/deactivation of fysics/low polys/power-of-two textures/more… :smiley:
…have lernt my lesson about what is happening if you don’t be nice to it in the past xD

Moving the camera off to the right maby an good ide’, gives some perspectiv and remove the char from the view:D
Then still you won’t se the characters legs when he in-fact don’t got any at all, just feets and a body… this may lock abit stupid at first, but it won’t when the game is complet
thx 4 your feed-back!:smiley:

I have now finaly implemented an working inventory system that let you save/reload every thing inside of it
I have also inplanted some more static objects to the world, and made some fixe’s that I where sugested to do:)

The visuals on the game is still not change that much, so i won’t post any new pic/videos just yet.
i’m working on adding some items to the game that the player can interact whit, when I’m done adding some of the I’ll promise an better update …

heh… an nice artwork made in Mspaint ftw!

FTW! xD that made me lol xD

haha i’m glad it entertained you ;D,
However I promise an gr8er update than just some paint-artwork later on today