32 bit plug-ins on 64 bit Konqueror

I’ve been reading that it’s possible to use 32 bit plug-ins on 64 bit Konqueror. I tried replacing both nspluginscan and nspluginviewer with the 32 bit counterparts, but konqueror hangs at scan time. I also tried just replacing nspluginviewer. Nspluginscan works, but it doesn’t see the plug-ins. Has anyone had success doing this? If you have, would you mind telling me what you did?

By the way, I’m not going to setup a chroot environment on this box, so please keep this thread from going that way.

Flash™ is evil… for WEB :slight_smile:
Forget it. people locking content with a flash layout, just zap’ them or give them a good CSS book.

ok i know, it’s extrem, adios Youtube, Dailymotion etc… not really, you could always grab the .flv* on your drive and play it with mplayer.


*from keepvid.com or VideoDownload’s plugin from Firefox

Flash is simply another program: sometimes it’s useful, most of the time it’s not. But that isn’t the point. I’m running a pure 64 bit Linux build and not everything is working yet. If I can get Konqueror to run any 32 bit plug-in, it will prevent me from having to set up a chroot environment. Mplayer will have a lot more native support in the next version, but it is unable to play a lot WM and all RealMedia files in 64 bit.

I posted about this just other day… :rolleyes:

Oh and Mplayer can have native wmv with this patch (works on 1.0pre8 too, although is dose use more CPU that playing it with MS codec).

Any other probs? :wink:

Thanks for the link. I’ve seen tutorials like this one before, but I’m not sure that it’s going to work on Arch Linux. Arch set up their system exactly the same as a 32 bit build, so nearly everything goes into /usr/lib (not lib32). As you can imagine, the 64 bit equivalents are already going to be there. Debian derivatives as well as Suse and Mandriva already had in mind using 32 binaries in 64 bit, so they did a lot of the set up work before. I’ll take a look at it all the same.

Oh yeah, Mplayer SVN already plays just about every WM file natively. It was a Google SOC project.

Oh yeah, Sweet! Donno how I didn’t hear about that.

That’s strange… Thing is if you get it all working you then need a 32bit version of Java & it all start getting messy. Hope Adobe make a flash9 plugin for amd64. :cool:

Well, here’s the deal. All of the big players caved, including Adobe. 64 bit version of Flash is coming, but it may take 5 or 6 more months. Sun caved on the Java web plug-in. They’re trying to get it out with Mustang (Java 6). (Java works perfectly in Konqueror now). Helix player already builds in 64 bit, and Real is now working on their part. Mplayer just got a whole lot cooler. [thanks to the EU for ignoring the MPlayer project for as long as they have!]

N30N, this probably won’t surprise you, but it will a lot of people reading this forum: 32 bit Linux is the multimedia powerhouse winner. Hands down. Apple? No. Windows? No. Linux. And it looks like in the very near future, 64 bit Linux will be the leader. Stuff like this thread are dirty little hacks to pass the time until everything is up to speed.

Sorry to bump, but this is too good to pass up.

For users of 64 bit Linux, I just installed MPlayer-SVN, and I can play any Windows Media file that I can find NATIVELY. In fact, they run so fast and clearly that I’m just blown away. My build is a pure 64 bit build; no 32 bit libraries what-so-ever. This is FFMPEG once again in action!

Could you give me more info on where you got this MPLayer-SVN?

– edit – found it here: http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/dload.html