335665 Photographs

This was created and sequenced in Blender 2.61 to celebrate 15 years of my photography project.

15 years, 7128 English parish churches, 335665 photographs.

Very very nice video.
Some information on how you used blender could be great.

I like it apart from all the extremely cheesy transition effects (especially the one following the one in your post image). I’d prefer a more subtle approach, concentrating on the interest in the church image rather than the bag of tricks you played with.

Thanks michalis.

Here is a screen shot of the complete set-up. I didn’t do all the 3D parts individually but created one complete stack of transitions and effects. The camera is ortho. I used dynamic paint twice and cloth twice. The rest are either just straight translations and rotations of planes or 3D models with textures mapped face-on from the pictures.

The left-hand side was created by automatically selecting c.16000 pictures from the total archive by a Java program I wrote and then compositing them along with the running counter using ImageMagick. These images were then composited with the 3D scene using nodes as Blender generated the frames.

The resulting frames were then sequenced with titles, fades and the soundtrack in the Blender Sequencer.

Well, each to his own Richard. I made it as an exercise in using Blender just as much as anything else. If I didn’t have the “cheesy effects” I wouldn’t have used Blender…