360-degree single image

Hi guys,

For a while now, i have been looking for a way to achieve a unique effect that I just can’t figure out how to execute. Basically, what I’m looking for is a way to get a sort of “inverted panorama,” in other words, one in which the camera is moving around a stationary object or scene. The camera would be looking “inside” rather than the “outside” which is common for normal pano’s. I know there are things like turntable animations and object movies that are basically the same thing, however, I would like a way to render all 360 degrees of an object in a single frame. What I’m looking for is similar to cylindrical projection, however, I don’t know how to achieve this effect on non-cylindrical objects. Other unwrapping techniques are also similar to this but I would like the rendered background to be in the image as well. Sorry if this is confusing, I didn’t know how else to explain it, or else I wouldn’t have a problem. :eyebrowlift: Any advice would help. Thanks!!