360 degrees turn with camera


I want to make a 360 (ore more) turn around my mesh with my camera. I tried pivot around 3d cursor (with my cursor in the mesh…) and keyframe 1 and 101, with a 360 degrees turn. it doesn’t work… If i put the camera on a different point around my mesh, it fly directly to that point, without turning…

How do i get a nice smooth turn around my mesh…

Well I think you can do it with like having the camera on a curve and move along the curve, and have the camera rotation linked to an empty, and that empty be positioned at the center of your model… but sorry I do not have a blend of doing this… I have not done a whole lot of it, but I know it can be done…


First, this shouldn’t be in the “chapter” finished projects, but ok, everyone makes mistakes.

Ways to help you:
-Add a path, and let the camera follow it. (Don’t ask me how to do so, still struggling myself with it)

  • Don’t make one turn of 360 degrees, but 2 of 180. I have experienced that blender doesn’t “rotate” 360 degrees, but it rotates untill it is in the position of being rotated 360 degrees.
    However, here your “circle” will be more like a square.

Maybe others have more helpfull tips…


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Like Aaron said works fine. Try that. And…search the forum before asking questions, this has been asked before. If you can’t find the awnser, make a threat in the right topic, this is Finished Projects…

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You can perhaps place the 3d cursor in the middle, add a curve-circle, make it a path, parent it to the camera, etc etc…

oops, i seriously though i was still in the animation section, sorry :o

I’ll try the path…

Overall the easiest way is to constrain the camera to the object it is moving around. You can then parent the camera to the curve it moves along to make sure the camera is always facing the objcet

yes! it worked!, just add a bezier circle, make it a path, and parent the camera to it…


here’s a MUCH easier way, (at least for me)

  1. add an empty, put it in the center of you object

  2. parent the camera to the empty(while facing directly at the empty, or above or below)

  3. make a keyframe on the empty (i>>rot)

  4. go to the end frame (the one you want the rotation to finish on

  5. hit ‘n’, then type 360 in the correct rotation field (yes, blender can do 360, you just have to tell it to).

  6. add a keyframe on the empty (i>>rot)

my suggestion: go then to the ipo window and select all, and change the interpolation to ‘linear’ so your camera smoothly flows instead of slowing down and speeding up.

I try to avoid using paths if possible, they’re sooo much harder sometimes.