360 Interior renders - WDYT?

Hi everyone,

I came across an older interior design project of mine and created some 360-degree images. WDYT? Also, could you recommend any applications for showcasing them? If you have any advice it will be appreciated!

I uploaded some 360 renders to https://kuula.co/profile/3dshaker
I found out why they wont work on Facebook - I forgot to change metadata - free online software for it is https://exiffixer.com/online.htm (works only for jpg, less than 15MB in size - I use Ricoh Theta S setting) Hope it helps!

Thank you in advance!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/3dshaker_models/

Second interior


Hey !! this is a 3D forum… no photoas allowed. :wink:

What a splendid idea to not just model some whole rooms but also showing them in one image per room.

I believe Kuula is great as it integrates well with behance for showcasing.
You could also use 3dvista to create virtual tour for the apartment

Blender? (use as world shader)

“Online” even flickr can project equirectangular images and you can turn around inside them. There must be many other sites.

These images have proper settings and should also work on Facebook, the problem is - that sometimes it does - sometimes not - and I have not discovered why (yet).

If I recall correctly, pano’s needed a certain ‘tag’ in the image to specify it as a 360 panorama.
It was the same for Google stuff. Could have be changed by now, not sure. Haven’t looked into this for years.

here is link - any advice how to make it available to move in this posts on BlenderArtists? because embed code doesn’t seem working TY


Thank you! I did upload it on Kuula and I am using embed media exported from there. This image works there without problems and huge advantage is I can set preview settings there (f.e. it starts moving ) So thank you guys !


But a click does work… also it’s better to be seen “big” … :wink:

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I could (probably am) wrong but a bit more contrast. and a warm punch.

I think in this case it is a preference, I did not want to lose details on white (cables from ceiling etc. ) I will compare it side by side, thank you :slight_smile:

For rendering it looks perfect as is but for a photo realistic look then some details gets lost because of the limitation of real life cameras. It is a great showcase render. That’s why I’m not sure as I have no idea what “sells” with archwiz renders.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I think over the years of experience - something that makes you different sells, besides usual stuff as light and composition, etc it is also storytelling - something that makes the viewer think WHY, WHO or HOW

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Thank you very much! You made my day :slight_smile:

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another interior here in 360:

I finaly realized that I forgot to change metadata on some, so now it can work on FB too. Thank you :slight_smile: