369 Armchair

Hello guys, today I wanted to share with you my recent personal project. It’s called 369 Armchair, a neo-retro chair that pays homage to the Polish mid-century Top-Icon armchair made by Józef Chierowski. Both the armchair and the surrounding space is made by myself.

The idea of making a new, more modern and contemporary version of the iconic furniture came after studying mid-century design and architecture or rather the most influential years in modernism, minimalism and brutalism. Basically I wanted to combine the cold and warm elements together. The amber brass and velvet material creates a perfect confrontation.

To demonstrate the armchair I created spaces with corresponding style to the furniture. The warm fabrics float surrounded by rough, concrete walls. As a result the simplicity and purity come together and create an astounding experience.

Thank you for watching!
Interested in this project? Check out more on Behance: https://bit.ly/369armchair

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