3D / 2D Music Video - Sugar Army

Hi all! Would love you to check out the latest film I’ve made for an Australian band, Sugar Army for their new song ‘Battles’. I’ve used the Blender, the Unreal Engine and an EpicRed camera combining them all into a film clip. Blender was used for a lot of the architectural modelling, including camera movements and some other moving actors/objects. The good relationship Blender has with UE4 via the FBX pipeline helped a lot with creating this, including the great forums on this brilliant site! The follow up idea is to create exploratory walk-through game levels of certain scenes that are shown within the clip to offer fans a different way to interact with a band’s content. Keen for any feedback, but please enjoy. Rendered out in 4k too :slight_smile:


Wow, this is much better then I expected! :stuck_out_tongue:
I think what you could improve on the most is the interaction of boat and paddles with the water, as there was none. Generally the water could have looked more realistic.

But still: Nice concept and the result is looking very good!