3D actors wanted for a non commercial project


We are currently searching for 3D actors and tetxure makers, as well as texturers in 3Dsmax for the Blade Runner non commercail project. You can find more information on http://www.brfa.titanpictures.com/

Anyone interested pleace contact me as soon as possible.


c’mon people! we need animators, preferably in blender. so far, for the 3d stuff, people are using blender, maya, and 3ds max. i was the only one using maya, but i switched over to blender.

animators? modelers? anyone?

LOL asking for free aid in a project.

Wow, this seems familiar…

Little hint: Very few people are interested and even fewer (To the point of almost 0.01%) will actually stick with it.

Good luck

I’m not really doing anything right now so I could probably do some modelling and animating. I used to use Maya too but switched over to Blender. I can’t start this week but next week should be o.k.

Could you explain a bit more what the goals of the project are? It sounds like you are trying to make a full-length 3D movie - at first I figured it was a game with fmv. Maybe you could tell us the current state of the project so we don’t have to sign up at the forum first.

Also, I looked at some of the artwork and I don’t want to be cruel but some of the ‘concept art’ looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old. If you want to enlist pros like us :wink: it might be better to just leave the decent 3D art in the gallery - low quality amateur stuff won’t do much to entice people. You might benefit from a good concept artist especially considering the theme of the movie.

BTW, did you check you’re not infringing any copyrights using the title “Blade Runner”?

probably my artwork, lol. its just concept art, thing to show on paper our ideas in our head. it doesnt have to be professional, and can look like it was drawn by a monkey, as long as it gets the idea across the other people. as for enticing people with the art, its not an art gallery, like i said, its concept art.

i think as of now, we need some good character animators and some spare rendering stations, since we’re doing some pretty high detailed stuff, which would take a few weeks to render just one scene.

Well, I think a good idea would be if you posted some specific tasks to be done. Because it’s a non-profit thing I assume, you might find that people will be less inclined to dedicate time to the whole project. There are projects (like Blender) that could argue against that but I would say in general, unless people have a passion for the theme, they would be less inclined to sacrifice their time.

So for example if you just posted that you wanted a futuristic police car in maybe the competition section or something. It would at least give people here at Elysiun a well-defined goal and you can match deadlines. A few people here get stuck for Blending inspiration so if you lay out definite ideas in either this thread or a competition, you might get a better response.

Anyways, I’m still interested in the idea but I need more information as to the goals and state of the project as well as resources available for completing it before I would consider helping in the project.

ok. since its based on the blade runner game, the old directos (project leader) had tons of screenshots and pictures we were using for reference, and most of the images still need to me replicated for our movie. i cant seem to find the reference pics website right now, so ill get back here with the link ASAP.