3D "All I Want for Christmas"

Hi to all!
I want to apologize in advance for my English .

Here is my project . I’ve working on this for two weeks. I want to take part in the Blender Guru competition but I’m still newbie whatever. Competition makes me want to improve their skills and artwork.
My idea about Christmas scene is not to focus on all comercial stuff like shopping, presents ect. I prefer to tell the sad but true story about family and feelings. What do You think about it? Criticism are welcome
PS one little thing is annoying me: the Rudolph cookies near a glass of milk looks pretty fake. I will change it in the future maybe

Greetings to everyone! :slight_smile:

Looking good! I like the branches on the tree and the lights. Also, the needles scattered on the floor is a nice extra touch. I like the napkins, too.

There are a few things that I noticed that could use some improvement. First, the message to Santa is obviously done in a font. I would hand-write the message on paper (think of a 5-year-old when you do it ;)) and scan it so you can use it as a texture. Also, the milk glass looks a little off. I would thicken the glass and maybe give it a little curviness so it looks a bit more interesting. Also, it’s hard to tell, but the bottom of the glass seems to be too short. Another minor nit-pick is that the present looks too perfect. I think you need to add some flaps to the wrapping paper like presents have in real life:

Great work! This looks like a very promising competition entry!

maybe some subsurface scattering or some translucency on the milk, too. and some slight wrinkles in the paper so it’s not laying quite so perfectly flat.

Thanks guys for your tips! I’ve worked on Milk Shader and i’m ok with results wor now. I made new text on letter to Santa (btw i’m right handed and writing with left hand was funny but i needed to adjust my work in photoshop, some words was like 70 degre in wrong direction)
About presents i understand Your point i added some crumpled paper bump texture but it’s not noticable. I decidet to keep my presents look like this one http://www.houseofchocolate.co.nz/335-thickbox_default/christmas-decadence-gift-box.jpg and i will stick to this idea :stuck_out_tongue:
I need to create new texture for wrapping paper , because I’m not sure if I can use this . Rerendering this night with a new texture. btw here is glass and milk shader some advices?