3D and Visual Effects Reel

Hi there ,

I recently finished my 3D and Visual Effects Reel for 2010/2011.
Tracking was done in PFHoePro 2.2
Modelling ,Rigging,Texturing,Animation and rendering was done in Blender 2.5 series.
Rendering was done using blender’s default render engine and compositing was done in either Nuke or After Effects as per the client’s facilities. Let me know what you think

Some lighting and shadow issues but pretty good

Looks quite decent, one thing you should keep in mind though is how the 3d objects interact with the world, I noticed that the remote car was driving over some paper with no crushing it flat, which can ruin the illusion.

Thanks for the feedback guys , I totally agree with you I was so excited to get it done and composited that I forgot to make use of the hdri images that I captured on location , so I agree with the lighting and shadows issues.Having the paper affected by the RC would have really made this piece , thanks for the heads up :smiley: I will definately keep the C&c in mind for my future projects ! :smiley: