3D animation - 15 second "commercial" clip


I am looking for someone to create a 15 second animation clip for marketing purposes.

As the art director of a successful project, I want to spice things up by some movement and emotion. Therefore I need our main character walking through the different scenes that we have in our “game”. The final result is supposed to be a mashup of the character walking through the different locations to showcase these.

Since the project is going very good, we need someone with a lot of experience, that has some portfolio with interesting animations that tend to be more cinematic and emotional. We want to excite our community and keep them interested in pursuing to engage with the project and see their digital possession in a crispy and blockbuster-ish manner.

The deadline isn’t defined. But it should be executed within the next 3 days. Since the movement of the character is basic walking and a friendly facial expression with some minor mimics I don’t see too much time that this should take.

More information on the project will be given in a first call. You can tell me what you need from me to execute it the best and most efficient way.

There is no budget limit. The only thing that really matters is the final outcome.

Feel free to message me on further details. I prefer having a videocall on discord to discuss further steps.

Kind regards

Cem Gedik


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