3D animation

Hi! We’re looking for someone to program in blender a 3D news anchor / journalist:

1st file: 30 seconds reads news / conducts remote interview with standard gestures
2nd file: 5 seconds just smiling and blinking (but doesn’t talk)
3 rd file: 10 seconds expresses great emotion (surprise) at a news, with hands and face
Each of the three files should start and finish at the same two neighboring frames so that we can stick them together in a perfect loop, in any combination.

There is no specific deadline, as we are looking for a reasonable price.

Concerning the face and the interior of the studio, if I can upload a file I’ll show you how—approximately–we imagine them, but we are open on alternative suggestions you might have.

It’s for YouTube, so we don’t have a bureaucratically set budget—please let me know your offers.

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What your time for development of the animation ??

Follow my reels and my contacts

Reel Animation - https://vimeo.com/292037213

Reel Lookdev and rendering - https://vimeo.com/292413839


Skype: edgard.caliman
Email: [email protected]r

Hi again!
Thanks a lot to all who have written. We even already had a specific person in mind to wok with but today our management said we are not doing this animation.
I’m sure everyone who has a boss will understand. :slight_smile: