3D art and drawings soon to be in PDF documents

Found this at www.opengl.org. Caught my eye since I knew blender was opengl based

Acrobat 3D provides OpenGL Capture capability to capture 3D designs directly from CAD applications
February 09, 2006 Acrobat 3D lets you add 3D to an Acrobat pdf document. It includes an OpenGL Capture capability that captures any output from a CAD application that is displayed using the OpenGL API (whatever is going through the OpenGL stream), and converts this into an interactive 1 page 3D pdf document. The OpenGL Capture utility will handle geometry, textures, materials and basic shaders.

acrobat 7 already has a 3d plugin, seems they’re building it in and releasing a capture app

Blender should support the U3D file format.

Hmm… I really don’t know about this. IMO, Acrobat already seems a bit on the bloated/buggy side. I think the last time I updated the reader it was a 50 meg download and required rebooting… I’m not sure they need to be adding yet more features.


i think this is pretty good.ovies and images were already be possible to include in pdf files. now interactive 3d files are the last missing piece.
maintained by adobe you can also be sure like with pdf that the compatibility will be good.