3d art by Ton?

(rwv01) #1

I’m curious does any one know where any 3d works by Ton can be found?

(Ecks) #2

Is Ton a nickname for a guy?

Or if you mean ALOT of 3d Art go at www.videotron.com they have alot of copy…alot of copy…alot of copy…lol

no If you mean alot of 3dart go at www.3dlinks.com scroll down the left menu and choose 3dlinks gallery!

(rwv01) #3

Well actually, yes I guess so!
Ton is short for Anthony.
Or so says Ton Roosendaal.

Sorry, didn’t think I’d have to qualify it. :wink:

(Dittohead) #4

Isn’t Anthony an Italian name.

Is this the way the nickname thingy would go.

Anthony >> Tony >> Ton?

(dickie) #5

i once asked Ton if he did any 3D Art and he said he no longer has time to…


(Eric) #6

I believe Joeri has some stuff he has done with Ton (and others).

(kino) #7

Italian is ‘Antonio’


(rwv01) #8

Cool! I like the giant bat!

(Bapsis) #9

I think that Blender itself is a beautiful work of art!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(S68) #10

Italian is ‘Antonio’


And it goes like Antonio >> [Tonio|Anto|Totò] for what concerns nicks :slight_smile:


(Timothy) #11


if you remember the old Blender website with those 3d blobs of text? well those were made by ton :slight_smile:

also you should check out:

in the gallery some stuff is made by ton aswell.

(rwv01) #12

Wow, great stuff!

Incidently I love that name “excellentwhale”.

Much more imaginative than my user name, rwv01.

(valarking) #13

yes, i believe there was a meaning to it…
ah yes, it was from one of his favorite poems.
i think he uses the username Joeri

([email protected]) #14

Hi all,

About Tons real name…Your all wrong:)



your going to have to guess harder then that:)


(pofo) #15

Don’t tell me it’s Assurbanirpal Ragagaton XXIV :o
Or maybe it’s um… Ton?

  1. pofo

(CubeFan973) #16

[Bad Hollywood Squares reference]For the block, I agree.[/Bad Hollywood Squares Reference]

(bmax) #17

i think ton is a dutch name. i have a flemish-belgian friend whose name is toon, and thats kinda similar…

(valarking) #18

ton is short for anthony