3D art for the field of Aircraft(or perhaps transport in general?)

I’ve found myself recently catching the aviation bug due to a recent visit to the imperial war muesum at Duxford(Cambridgeshire, UK). I only went there as a simple day out(something different) but I’ve now found myself strongly drawn to aircraft!

I thought it would be a five minute fad and would pass quickly, but its stuck with me. Suddenly I’m rediscovering old flight sims(F29-Retailator, LHX) and tech thriller films(Firefox, Stealth, Macross Plus) that I had once forgotten about…

Okay, I’ll cut to the chase now: Is there work for 3D artists in the field of aircraft? I just feel that I have a lot accessable air muesums near to where I live that provide excellent reference(even an SR-71 and B-52!) and I would probably be happy modelling them for a living.

Any thoughts - even the brutally honest ones! - would be welcome. :slight_smile:

Make a flight simulator or help someone populate it,

Bullet physics is a good engine, or the BGE, I have been working on one for a paid side gig…

The Flight sim is very attractive. My maths isn’t quite there yet, but with an effort I could probably make something like LHX. I suppose I could swat up on my C++ knowledge, learn OpenGL and make a sim. Not sure what input APIs are avaliable for Linux but I can dig around, of course.

I was going to purchase Jaworski’s e-book but its in Polish. Shame, because I’m quite interested in it.

The Polish version is free; the English translation is the one you have to purchase.