3D Artist/Animator Germany(Baden-Württemberg)

Hi, I’m currently setting up a company and working on an exciting new project, a fun racer battle royale game reminiscent of Mario Kart Balloon Fight or Kirby Air Ride City Trial. The game features stylized, amphibious characters riding cyborg critters in a post-apocalyptic, space-exploration setting and I need a 3D Artist/Animator which lives in Germany(Baden-Württemberg)

The Project: Imagine a racing battle royale where players control little amphibious creatures riding futuristic, mechanized animals like jet-engine-equipped mantas, exhaust-blasting snakes, and warp-driving jellyfish and you battle each player for upgrades. The setting combines the remnants of human civilization with the last will of humanity imbued in these creatures.


  • Brainstorm and design unique and engaging stylized characters.
  • Create game-ready characters and animations.
  • Bring various creatures to life with dynamic and captivating animations.
  • Playtest the game


  • Must be currently living in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
  • Experience in creating game-ready characters and animations.
  • Proficiency in stylized art styles, preferably those similar to Nintendo’s, such as Kirby and Mario. Other styles are also acceptable.

Start Date:

  • Between August and October.


  • Pay is negotiable and will be discussed in more detail.

Application Process: For more details or to apply, please contact me via email. Include your portfolio and any relevant work samples.

Contact Information:

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