3D Artist job offer

Hi everyone,

I’m posting this thread concerning a job offer for any 3d modeler that’s willing to grow their portfolio and is willing to contribute to a project. This project requires your time and efforts.

Here are the requirements to join:

  • You must have over 4+ years of experience, With professional knowledge & familiarity with the Blender software.

  • You must be over the age of 21

  • (Not really necessary but will help a lot): You should have any knowledge (Beginner or Intermediate) related to Aviation.

  • You must be dedicated at least 30 hours a week to this project, And must submit work to show the model progress when asked.

We offer unique benefits along the journey working with us - Also you will receive a percentage from the projects sales.

If you’re interested and have any questions or concerns and if you’re possibly skeptical about anything, Please feel free to contact me here as I would love to discuss even further: [email protected].

Have I understood; 4+ years experience with the expectation that the successful candidate will commit to 30 hours/week, voluntarily?


Nope, Your base payment is a commission package from the project we’re currently wrapping up anytime soon - The rest are basic monthly payments.

is this job offer still available ?

R you interested in freelance work?
If so please mail to [email protected]

If intrested in outsource projects please mail to [email protected]