3D Artist Magazine - Hawken Style Mech

I ended up getting a Second Place prize for this design. I was one of the selected Runner Up designs! :smiley:

Hello All,

This was my entry into the 3D Artist Magazine “Mech Something Awesome” contest. The goal was to design a “Hawken style Mech”. I did it a few weeks ago. The contest ended this past Tuesday so I thought I would share the renders I submitted. I’ll post this “glamour shot” I did first and then the next few replies will have the images I submitted for the contest.

100% done in blender; Blender Render internal; Textures painted in Blender; UV Smart Unwrap;

about 24-26 hours total from start to finish in 3 days of time. It was fun!

Thanks for looking.

It looks like it’s about to fall forward, but it’s a pretty cool looking mech.

Hips on a lady, love!

Oh and the Mech is bad ass as well. :wink:

I know, right…no sudden stops in this one! Thanks for the feedback. It’s actually a compliment…all those Hawken Mech designs look like they are about to topple over when I look at them. LOL!

@Anthony C,
Thanks! Looking bad ass is cool when you’re a Mech! Yeah, the curves of the hips contrast all the hard corners of the Mech…gives you something soft to look at! :cool: Glad you enjoy it.

Awesome work, man! I agree with Anthony C and I accept your explanation for putting the girl in there, so carry on. :slight_smile: