3D Artist needed to Optimise Zombie Characters, 4x 3D Barricades, for Switch Port. 4-5 days work

Frontline Zed is coming to Switch early this year and I’m looking for a 3D Artist for the following jobs:

Job 1: Optimise 3x 3D Barricades

  1. 4x existing 3D Barricades, all of which need to have their materials (ranging from 4 to 20 per barricade) combined into a single material per barricade.

  2. And 3x of which need to be optimised to a max of 10k tris (currently 16k to 34k)

  3. The barricade submeshes should be retained to allow for the object to be rigged and animated (as part of another job)

  4. This job should be completed as priority so that the destruction animation can take place (for the PC version, it has been animated in Houdini and exported as an Alembic file, which needs to be redone as traditional rigging and keyframe animation for Switch)

The 4x Barricades:

Job 2: Optimise Zombie Characters

  1. 12x existing Zombie Meshes, with colour variations for 7x of them (giving a total of 19x variations) from various sources need to be reduced to a maximum of 3k Tris (the lower the better, whilst maintaining suitable detail for a 6.2" 720p Nintendo Switch display)

  2. All materials need to be combined into a single material

  3. All meshes need to be combined into a single mesh (some of the characters have separate body and head meshes etc.). The Switch version of the game will not feature dismemberment.

The Cast of Zombie Characters:

Basically - 3K Tris maximum per character/10k per barricade to meet the poly count budget of the scene, and a single mesh/material to minimise drawcalls.

You should have familiarity with Unity, as the characters will be provided to you in a organised, standalone Unity Project specific for this job, and the finished characters need to be submitted back in the same format to allow for easy implementation.

You should have experience optimising 3D characters and objects. For Frontline Zed, the game camera is topdown only, so the detail of hands and faces should be prioritised over legs.

The job is ready to begin immediately with a completion date of Friday 31st January. I estimate that both jobs together will take an experienced artist 4-5 days.

If interested, please contact richard [at] volcanicgames [dot] com with your price range for both pieces of work, portfolio, and when you can start. I’m happy to discuss the job with you and work with you on best practices and your suggestions for Optimisation.

Individual freelancers only please, no Studios.

Hi Richard,

we can work on this. we are having experienced in same.

Please email: rachel at cisinlabs dot com

PM sent please check.

Looking forward.


Job has been filled, thanks!