3D artist? (render engine) - team member required

(Abracsis) #1

hi. I’m making a game for the big contest.

Ive got pretty far. But like in final fantasy 7/8 i’d like to have pre rendered back drops.

So im looking for someone to join me in making the best game for the contest.

I can’t use the render engine to good effect thats why i need help. I only however need about 4 locations, and they don’t have to be the best work in the world, but the detail counts.

stylised artists are just as welcome (not neccessarily cartoon stylised)

if you are interested reply to this post and i will send you the game so far and then you can decide whether to join the team or not.


(monocult) #2

let me see your game and I look what I can do for you. :smiley:

(Haunted-House) #3

I will gladly create some great backdrops for your game!

(Abracsis) #4

monocult and lagan. Looking at your work you are both very good artists

i would not be able to choose between you, and would offer both of you o join my team.

Lagan, are you yourself not entering the contest. Redmoon looks like the only thing that could beat my last project in terms of professional look.?

If not then i would ask both of you. This would mean more locations could be produced.

I am on GMT and can e-mail specifications of the desired locations.
i’ll send this messege by e-mail with the game so far.


(Haunted-House) #5

I’m not entering THIS contest, there’s not enough time for my game (it’s not Redmoon though) since I’m taking it step by step. So no worries there :slight_smile:

(sara) #6

so this means you are not a team sia member anymore abracsis?

(Abracsis) #7

you mean team s - a . iconjunky must be dead or something.

Well surely, i’m optimising the level2 still. for the Eva project yes. But this is sort of my personal project. I’m not able to render backgrounds though ussing the render engine, so i needed help. and you said you didnt want to enter the contest.

i should have finished optimising and making work level two by early into next week.