3d Artists for Unreal Engine Game - Fantasy


Our team is currently working on a game in unreal engine 4. Because of our small size, we need help from 3d artists interested in submitting some work. So far our graphics style looks like this…

That is just a stylistic example. Even if you submit an un-textured model that is fine. We are not doing this as a career, so time is not an issue. Not all of this detail is needed.

Things we need

  1. enironvment (rocks, trees)
  2. Buildings (does not need to be enterable)
  3. any thing you want

You will be given credit in our game! Just let me know if you have something you want to share!


do you want a horse driven carriage.

i havn’t made the model yet.

so with your request i will start.

This would be my first piece of Volunteer work, however I am very interested. I think your project has a lot of polish to the models but it still looks to be very simple. Given I’m not a professional or even remarkably talented in 3d Modeling. I would be very interested in helping with small objects or clutter pieces (Barrels, candles, debris, etc.,) I think it would be fantastic to volunteer on this project and if you need anything in particular, I feel as though volunteer work is done best with a lot of specialists rather than a few generalists! :slight_smile: