3D (Blender-) Club in Groningen, Holland

Since about a year a group of 3D fanatics comes together once a week on tuesday-evenings in the Silicon Lounge in Simplon, Boterdiep, Groningen from 19.00 till about 22.30 hours
We noticed that more and more people start using Blender, so we want to invite Blenderusers and other 3D freaks to come and visit these evenings.
We have a couple of computers available and a beamer, but if you have your own laptop you can bring it.
You can talk about your findings and share them with the group.
It’s a great way to improve your skills
No costs and the coffee is free.

We hope to see you soon !
Kind regards

prop off topic a bit,
but in relation to having a session of 3d design we had one set up at school this year i think it was second term into the year (may’ish) and we had it once a week and during lunchtime so people at my school who were interested in 3d design came, unfortunately we couldn’t really do much but little bits at a time as it was only an hour long.
good luck with it!