3D Blender test project: product presentation for aluminum ladder

We want to build a series of simple product presentations for aluminum ladders, stairs and similar architectural constructs, often with moving parts.
To start we’d like to do a test project of one simple product presentation: please see animation on www[dot]echelledesecours[dot]fr The project consists of making an improved, more realistic version of the ladder part only (no need to include the balcony). Ability to work with AutoCAD files is a plus.
If you are interested:

  • Please provide a fixed price quote to develop this presentation
  • Send us examples of similar work you have done in the past

No need for a high level of detail, we are looking for someone who can develop these presentations fast, without a lot of engineering input. If your work is good, at an affordable rate, we would like to develop many more presentations of similar products.
e-mail: [email protected]