3d blender

Someone made it too, I forgot who…I came up with it myself, didn’t had time do make it untill now. Enjoy:)


Very cool idea, and good execution. The buttons menu seems a bit bright though?

Heh, I really like this one. Awesome concept.

nice idea, and great implementation… could be an official blender ad or something

it was me who made it :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea, hehe. I searched for that thread, but couldnt find it:rolleyes:

THanks for the nice comments y’all:D

Nice image, the binary code in the background is a nice touch by the way:D

Both are great! :wink:

awesome work, both of you’s :slight_smile: I especially like the split screen and the binary revealed by it. However the buttons do look a little too bright.

That’d be something I could see become reality once we get true 3D holographic computers:)

Besides some text being almost unreadable it’s a really clever idea.