3D CG Employer training cost

Hello Blender people,

How much do I can charge to a company to train an employer in 3D Modeling, Graphics Design etc…

Not much like $7 an hour. The company I applied offered free training for it’s applicants.

That’s impossible to answer without knowing the very basics of this arrangement…

  • What’s your qualification?
  • What kind of company is your client? Large, small, startup…?
  • Do you need to make a living from that training? Or is it just the “cherry on top”?
  • What’s the general price level in the Dominican Republic?

If you need to make a living from it, make sure the price does even cover your costs (preparation time, course development etc.). $7 per hour? No way that’s cost covering.

Is a large company for Apparel design

  • they want me to teach my personal technique and the tools I use for mass production
  • Task automation, scripts etc…
  • I make design for Lacrosse, Legacy sports and others companies
    I need to know how much I can’t charge for the training they pay in US Dollar

@stark Design
$7 per hour is a mediocre price, the minimum I’ charge for a design is US$35.00 PER HOUR depend on complexity and the type of company if it’s big company or small company