3D chat working within Blender (Bzoo)

There’s a cool .blend here on the french community, for tchatin in a little world on the internet with blender

Put your nick where it’s indicated :


And press P on the 3D window .

F2 and F3 open the text and info window.
Enter , open the typing window for tchating .

Come meet us :slight_smile: . It’s pretty basic , but it work .

Jibe is the author of the script . Dutch Le golo is the creator of the street world.

Peace :).

BZoo is a 3D chat working within Blender

There are currently 3 available worlds (chat clients):

made by Joël and LOD

made by MARTS and LeGolo

made by Blenderman. (not yet finished but very promising)

To connect to a BZoo virtual world …

  • Fill the line with your peudo (in the text editor at the right part of the screen)
GameLogic.pseudo= '<b>YOUR_PSEUDO</b>'
  • make sure you’re in the Init Scene
  • Press P to on the 3D view on the left part of the screenOnce connected to the world …
    Press F2 to see the connection status …
    Press F3 to see received messages
    Press Enter to enter/send messages …

You can create your own world by downloading the BZoo World Template


2 teaser videos are available on youtube.com

And here are a few screens to quickly see what it looks like

old interface


and a more recent screen :

The server has been online for several weeks now …
It is availble 7 days a week … 24 hours a day

Testers are needed to check how the server deals with big load …
So … please … join us …

Hey there,

Tried it, worked right away.

The character’s movement was very choppy and my viewpoint was very close to the ground (or maybe the other avatars look monstruous, well they were gorillas, maybe cousins of King Kong) but even still it was cool, good luck with your project :smiley:

If you’re gonna test it, try to jump in the cube (in the street world), it would be cool if it had a distance meter…for some “Yeti Sports” like action ehehe


Very cool :slight_smile:

nice work , glad to be one of the first to try !

it works very well even though it is choppy i’m looking forward to updates

If this works It will be the highlight of my year. I will dust off those old french text books that I have had in my closet for 30 years just to use it.

I will let you know how it works tonight when I get home. Probably will not work very well on my machine. My video chip sucks. I have to turn HW acceleration completel off in order to get any Game Engine things to work. The only exceptions are two games made by jrt. But I think those must have been made with blender 2.25

I change the name and everything, and then I try to run it, and when it doesn’t work ( or does it just take a few minutes? ) I looked at console, and it says

ImportError: No module named bzClient

I am running windows. Did I miss somewhere that I need to use linux?


Make sure you’re in the Init scene before starting the game by P…

The network layer initializes properly only if the game is started through the Init Scene …

Ok I tried it. I turned down the HW acceleration and the 3d scenes move fairly quickly with the mouse. I got between 4 and 20fps. Though the thing is I was trying it at 8pm PDT -8 GMT so no on was there for me to try the 3d chat portion. BTW how does one make avatars or put them in the scene rather. I suppose that they were made in blender but no ins tructions on how to put them in a scene

We do miss an english documentation (coming soon)

Avatars are located in Main scene …not far from (0,0,-20)

To change avatars … just replace the mesh (it must be parented to the Base.XXX empty).

the empty named “mntpseudo” is used to specify where the pseudo appears relatively to the avatar…

Sorry that there were nobody to welcome you …

For now … there are mainly french people connecting to BZoo (because developmment team is French … and this is our first communication on an international forum).

We do hope that there will soon be a more global audience … thank to this thread …


shaba1 … did you manage to change avatars ?

I’ve updated the link to Joel and LOD world …


I saw you connected … hope you enjoyed :wink:

Well I visited again with agrunda from #blenderchat. One big problem that I had was I had to type VERY SLOW. Most of my messages were not readable becuase of dropped letters The second problem was I could not determine how to stop moving forward. I could use the arrow keys to move backward but once I let up on the down arrow key I was moving forward again. There was not stopping motion key.

The .blend “Le golo street” have been updated (little more bigger and some stuff added), you can get it here :


Peace :).

jbperin: Any update on this file. Like:

#1 How to get it to stop dropping typed characters?

#2 How to stop moving foward if you do not press the down arrow key? When I went to any of the blend files and connect I was constantly moving foward no matter what?

#3. How to implenment this on your own server. So that you do not have to always connect to the server in France?


there’s a new release of these worlds here:

Try to use of the client given on this page … it should solve the problem of slow typing (there remain some keyboard handling issue)

The server was just released … You can download it from here :

As for the fact that we sometimes carry on moving even without pressing arrow keys… I really don’t know where it comes from … :frowning:

I don’t know bullet good enough :frowning: sorry


Excellent development. Congratulations!
Keep it going!

Thank you Rangel …

We are currently recruting …

We miss some python coders and GameEngine-familiar people …